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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Headstone

Burial plots are now going for as much as $54,000 in Vancouver, and prices are always on the rise. It is no wonder people want to ensure they can get a high-quality headstone without it costing the Earth. Though would you know what goes into designing and creating a headstone that will stand the test of time?

Below, we run through five of the most important things you need to consider when it comes to headstone design. If you need a headstone for a loved one in the near future, consider these points and think about what you might want to do to offer the respect they deserve.

1. Personalization for the Deceased

The starting place for headstone ideas should be thinking about things that memorialize the deceased's life. Consider their personality, interests, and who they ended up being.

It can sometimes be hard to summarize someone into a single image but follow similar advice to writing a eulogy. Think about who they were, be uplifting and portray the truth.

2. Choosing a Material

Material choice is one of the most impactful steps in the process of creating a headstone. It can affect anything from the gravestone's aesthetic to its resistance to weathering.

Think about the texture the stone should have and how long you want the words on it to last. A professional headstone mason can also talk to you about some of these expectations and what they would recommend.

3. Shape and Size

There are many traditional shapes and sizes for headstones. Some people use religious symbols, whereas others opt for a more classic squared design. Consider the details you will want on the stone and how much flat space it needs to accommodate your needs.

If you are unsure of the shape of the headstone you want, it might help you to check out a gallery of ideas for inspiration. These will usually suggest the type of shape and size of headstone the mason is best at.

4. Inscriptions

When designing a headstone, a fitting epitaph or inscription will be a tribute to the person's life. Be thoughtful about what you put on here, and try to convey what they meant to not only you but everyone else too.

5. Required Maintenance

While most people consider a gravestone as an unyielding item, it will occasionally need maintenance. If you choose a smooth surface, it may need polishing. Whereas a porous stone might attract moss.

Think about the style of gravestone design that suits the level of maintenance you or others can offer it. Your design ideas should match the reality of how often people can take care of it.

Find Experts in Headstone Design

With the above five tips, you should be able to create or choose a headstone design that suits your needs. If you need help or advice, though, we can talk you through the process.

Skilled designers and masons can walk you through the steps we take to create a headstone that matches the demands of our clients. By finding such a talented headstone manufacturer, you can get a stone that lives up to the deceased's legacy. So, give Mortimer's Monuments a call, and we can start the process today to get you the grave marker you need.


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