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Questions to Consider when Choosing a Grave Marker

The experts at Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd in Victoria have over 135 years of experience in creating and helping clients choose grave markers. When it comes to purchasing a grave marker, there are many things to think about before you make your final decision in terms of design, material, size and finishes. Here are a few of the most common key questions you need to take into consideration.

1. Which cemetery will the marker be going into?
2. Is the grave a burial or cremation plot?
3. Is the grave marker going on a single plot or double plot?

4. Is the marker for one person or two people?

5. Should the marker be granite or bronze?

View our online brochures for design options:

Single DesignsDouble Designs | Font List (Lettering Styles)* | Granite Colours


*There are many more lettering styles available, and we have international fonts,
including: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Farsi/Arabic.

The experienced staff at Mortimer’s Monuments Ltd is here to assist you with answers to these questions and more. Contact us today; we’re here to help.

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