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Personalized Monuments in Victoria

Need customized monuments in Victoria? For more than 145 years, our team of skilled craftsmen at Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd has been designing beautiful monuments, grave markers, headstones, and memorials that families cherish. We proudly serve Victoria, Vancouver, and across Canada.

Some of the products and services we offer include:

From upright monuments weighing 9,000 lbs. for a family plot to a small 20 lb. cremation plot marker, all our products receive our total attention to detail and exacting craftsmanship.

When it comes to creating a monument, we require several things from our clients to ensure that we deliver the best possible result. Firstly, we need to understand the significance of the monument. We also need to gather information about the location where the monument will be placed. This helps us to determine the size and style of the monument. Additionally, we require input from our clients on the design and materials of the monument. Our team offers a wide variety of colours and styles of monuments in Victoria to fit every budget. Contact us today.

Flat grave marker

Flat Markers

A flat marker is a stone installed flat into the ground so the top surface is flush with the ground or grass. It can also be placed flat onto a pad or base that is set into the ground, leaving the marker fully on top of the ground. Many cemeteries insist that a marker must be flush into the ground, and this style meets that requirement. Flat markers are available in many sizes suitable for one or more people and can be made in many different colours.

Flat markers

Pillow Markers (Bevel)

Pillow monuments are also markers that stand above the level of the grave, but they are lower in profile and different in shape from the upright.

Pillow monuments are higher in the back than the front and slope to the front. The top is usually polished. Some pillow markers have all their sides polished, while others feature a polished front with the remaining sides and back being sawn smooth or rough-pitched. Because they sit above the ground, they can also be mounted upon a concrete pad or a granite base and can be created to memorialize one or more people.

Pillow Markers (Bevel)
Pillow markers
Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are grave markers that stand above the level of the grave. They can be any shape and size, are usually 6 to 8 inches thick and are very often set on a granite base. Common shapes are rectangular, heart designs, round and oval. They can be created from any colour of granite we have available.

With their larger size, a greater opportunity exists to create a more personalized design for one person or many on an upright monument.

Bronze Plaques

Bronze plaques are a beautiful alternative to traditional stone-carved memorials. They are typically mounted upon a granite base and bronze plaques in sizes permitted by the cemeteries they are intended for and usually have set designs and borders that the foundry supplies.


The design and lettering on every bronze memorial are hand-chased, highlighted and carefully polished. Each piece is finished in statuary bronze, the natural way, to maintain the warm hues unique to this wonderful metal.

The final effect is stunning, and to preserve this beauty, each bronze memorial is given an extremely durable clear finish application.

bronze plaque
Upright monuments
Bronze plaques


The name columbaria is derived from the Latin Columba or "dovecote," the dove being the symbol of God's spirit and peace. A columbarium is a collection of niches designed to house urns. Inscribed with the person’s names and dates of birth and death, columbaria are constructed to serve as permanent structures in cemeteries, churchyards or within churches themselves.

Today, many people are searching for an alternative to ground burial that offers beauty and simplicity. Memorialization within a columbarium is one such alternative. Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd has the expertise and experience to provide a wide variety of columbaria suitable to your needs.

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Whether you’re looking for a memorial made from river rocks that seamlessly blend in your garden or engraved granite headstones, we can fabricate all kinds of pet grave markers for your beloved family friend.

Pet memorials

Alternative Tributes (includes crosses and tree plaques, unique shapes, vases)

Alternatives to the usual grave marker can be in the form of a cross, a natural boulder or benches. All of these items require approval by the cemetery they are intended for. They can be engraved with names, dates, messages and graphics and be as attractive as a conventional gravestone. The benches and boulders can also be used in our non-cemetery settings. Sometimes cremated remains can be stored inside the piece securely and permanently.


  • Crosses: Our range of cross styles is extensive and includes options made from high-quality granite and marble materials. You can choose the perfect design that meets your preferences and needs. 

  • Tree plaques: If you're looking for a way to honour a special tree, consider our tree plaques. These plaques are available in two sizes - 4" x 6" or 6" x 10" - and are made of black granite. They are attached to a black granite post, making them a durable and attractive option. 

  • Unique shapes: These grave markers are special as they stand above the ground and come in non-traditional shapes. Boulders, columns, obelisks, crosses, and benches are just a few examples of shapes that can be found in cemeteries and engraved with the name and dates of a loved one. In some cases, bronze plaques with names and dates are also attached to these markers. However, since they are unconventional, permission from the cemetery must be obtained before using them.

  • Vases: Vases are a beautiful way to accessorize an upright monument. Available in bronze and a wide variety of granite colours and finishes, vases placed at either or both ends of a granite base that the upright monument is attached to create a beautiful finishing touch. 


Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd has provided generations of families with beautiful monuments to honour their loved ones in Victoria. Contact us today to learn more.

Alternative tributes


Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd offers a vast range of rustic boulders, with multiple options for styles and colours. The boulder's surface can either be fully polished or have a panel that is polished in a round or square shape with a rough surface surrounding it.



There are many benefits to pre-arranging your grave markers. Planning ahead can eliminate any emotional mistakes as you can make the selection together to suit the specific taste and style; additionally, it can help you save money by avoiding inflation. It also allows you to take as much time as necessary to complete the project.

On-site Lettering

We have the portable tools necessary to complete stone lettering on-site without removing the memorial from the cemetery. Our portable equipment allows us to perform the lettering at the grave site, eliminating the risk of damage during transportation.


We Are Here for You


Honour the memory of your loved one with our personalized monuments.

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