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Custom Grave Markers

We offer a variety of options in terms of designs, finishes, sizes and materials

Cemetery Grave Markers & Civic Monuments in Victoria & Vancouver

Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd is your trusted source of quality cemetery headstones, grave markers, monuments and custom granite signs in Victoria and Vancouver. Although we’re located in BC, we can also ship our products across Canada and the United States. With over 135 years of experience in the industry, our monuments are created using granite of the finest quality. We are able to offer our clients competitive prices as we work directly with the manufacturers. This also means that we are able to offer a variety of options to fit every budget.

Beach Club Resort Sign

Custom Granite Signs

Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd creates custom granite signs for all types of applications. From residential house numbers to commercial logos, our staff can manufacture a durable and low-maintenance granite sign for your property.


Cemetery Headstones

Choose from a variety of materials, styles and colours for a cemetery gravestone. Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd can craft customized headstones to almost any finish or size.

golf tee markers

Golf Tee Markers

We manufacture signs to cover every aspect of your golf course, from golf tee signs to golf tee markers to fairway yardage markers. Choose from polished granite, rustic boulders or cast aluminum plaques to fit your particular application.


Civic Memorials

Our staff has years of experience constructing civic monuments and memorials in British Columbia. In fact, we built the largest monument for veterans and peacekeepers in Victoria. Some of our past works include a memorial wall and a Cross of Sacrifice.

headstone inscription

Headstone Inscription

Should you wish to add another inscription to an existing grave marker, we thoroughly clean the headstone, remove any flaking paint, add the inscription and re-stain the entire stone so that it will return to the cemetery in superior condition. Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd is able to match all lettering styles ensuring a consistent presentation.

Professional Affiliations

 BC Funeral Association
 Ontario Monument Builders Association
 Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
 Better Business Bureau


Contact Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd and let us know how we can help.


Civic Memorials & Monuments

We have years of experience constructing civic monuments and memorials

Custom Granite Signage

Durable and low-maintenance granite signs for homes and businesses

Maintenance & Restoration

We also offer services to ensure your grave marker is always in good condition

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