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Get Asian Upright Monuments in Burnaby

Discover the epitome of Asian-inspired memorial craftsmanship with Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd in Burnaby. Catering to the distinct preferences of their Asian clientele, Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd specializes in crafting Asian upright monuments that seamlessly incorporate Asian characters, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, alongside English. These monuments are meticulously designed to be tall and narrow, offering a striking visual presence. From a diverse array of colours and shapes to unique design elements like bamboo motifs, dragon and phoenix symbols, and custom graphics, each monument is a testament to cultural heritage and individuality. Additionally, Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd offers innovative features like photo disks made of ceramics or stainless steel, allowing for the inclusion of personal photographs and granite vases seamlessly built into the base. For a memorial that honours tradition while embracing modernity, Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in Asian upright monuments.

Why Choose Our Asian Upright Monuments?

At Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd, we take pride in being the manufacturer of the markers and monuments we offer. This unique advantage translates into significant customer cost savings as we eliminate the need for middlemen and commissioned sales staff. Dealing directly with us means you'll be amazed at the cost savings compared to other options like funeral homes or marker resellers.

Moreover, we make the process easy and convenient by offering free shipping of the stone directly to the cemetery for installation. Our stone suppliers stock the best quality granite, ensuring a wide range of colours and textures with unmatched durability. We understand that not all granite weathers the same, so we carefully select options that weather well and allow for crisp blasting or etching of lettering and graphics.

Every cemetery has guidelines regarding marker options, and we're here to help you navigate those requirements. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we take the time to ensure each marker is crafted with precision, featuring deeper and crisper lettering and graphics. Choose Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd for superior quality, cost savings, and unparalleled customer service. 


Connect with Us

Our Asian clients value Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd as family-owned, appreciating the assurance that their investment will stretch far. Seeking the best value for their money, they consistently inquire about pricing, emphasizing the importance of receiving the most competitive rates. Serving not only Burnaby but the entirety of Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, including Vicotria, and the broader British Columbia region, Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd has established a legacy spanning an impressive 147 years. With deep-rooted expertise, our family business simplifies the entire process for our customers, addressing all inquiries to ensure a seamless project execution. Collaborating closely with cemeteries, we ascertain the permissible size and stone type for markers or monuments, facilitating informed decisions. We offer photo albums and online resources to aid in design choices, guiding clients through every step with confidence and reassurance. After the process, many express gratitude for our ability to streamline what initially seemed daunting, affirming our commitment to making the experience as effortless as possible. Feel free to contact us today. 

Asian Upright Monuments Gallery

Explore our thoughtfully curated assortment, presenting a range of Asian upright monuments. Each creation encapsulates the essence of remembrance and artistic finesse, a testament to honouring cherished individuals in Burnaby. Witness our gallery's harmonious blend of intricate detailing and graceful minimalism, offering diverse avenues to forge enduring tributes.

Happy Clients

Read what our clients have to say about our solutions:

Wonderful Job

“These guys did a wonderful job on 2 black granite  markers for my mom and dad. The quality and design was very good and at a great price. Then shipped to Kamloops. Very happy with the product”



Craft Your Legacy with Us

Let's create an Asian upright monument as a timeless tribute to your loved ones. 

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