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Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd.: Leading the Way in Upright Monuments in Burnaby

With a legacy spanning over 147 years, Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. has become synonymous with excellence and dedication in the Burnaby community and beyond. Specializing in crafting upright monuments, we pride ourselves on creating tributes that honour lives and reflect our commitment to top-notch quality, personalized attention, and affordability. This steadfast dedication has solidified our reputation as the area's premier provider of upright monuments.

Exploring Upright Monuments

An upright monument stands tall as a vertical gravestone or memorial, crafted to provide a lasting and prominent tribute to individuals or groups. These monuments, commonly found in cemeteries and memorial parks, are characterized by their vertical orientation, allowing for a clear display of inscriptions, epitaphs, and decorative elements.

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Why Opt for Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd.?

Here is why customers choose us:

Direct manufacturer benefits: As direct manufacturers, we offer significant cost savings by bypassing middlemen. This ensures competitive pricing—potentially saving thousands compared to our competitors' rates.


Unmatched craftsmanship: Each monument we create is a work of art, reflecting a profound appreciation for its significance. Our designs range from modern to culturally inspired motifs, ensuring each monument pays homage to the legacy of your loved ones.


Tailored customization: We excel in crafting upright monuments that cater to diverse cultural and personal preferences. Our offerings can include integrating Asian characters, personalized designs, and custom inscriptions. With high-quality granite in various colours and textures, our monuments promise both durability and timeless sophistication.

The Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. Advantage: Effortless Process & Unmatched Savings

Check our effortless process and unbeatable value:

Effortless remote coordination: Understanding the importance of convenience during remembrance, we've perfected a streamlined process that ensures simplicity and peace of mind. Despite being headquartered in Victoria, our efficient system for remote coordination eliminates distance barriers. Through phone consultations, email correspondence, and exchanging photos and ideas, our collaborative approach extends our exceptional services to Burnaby and beyond.


Significant cost benefits: Opting for Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. means accessing direct manufacturer pricing, resulting in substantial savings. Our transparent, value-driven approach contrasts sharply with the higher prices often associated with companies employing commissioned sales staff, who mark up costs significantly. 


Proven expertise with local cemeteries: Our longstanding relationships with key memorial parks and cemeteries in Burnaby, such as Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Ocean View Cemetery, underscore our proficiency in navigating site-specific regulations and requirements. This ensures seamless compliance and coordination for your monument, providing peace of mind.


Satisfaction guaranteed: Our commitment is to simplify this journey for you, ensuring transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction from design to installation. The ease and affordability of our services consistently exceed expectations, reinforcing our standing as a trusted partner in memorialization.

Embark on Your Memorial Journey with Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd.

When you choose Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. for your upright monument in Burnaby, you opt for a dedicated partner devoted to excellence, affordability, and convenience. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support you in crafting a timeless and stunning tribute to your loved one, free from any unnecessary stress or cost.

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Check our recently completed work:


Your Trusted Partner in Memorial Artistry


Craft legacies that last with our Upright Monuments. Expertly designed, these enduring tributes capture cherished memories in stone. Discover our collection today.

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