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Cemetery Headstones & Custom Granite Signs

Proudly serving British Columbia, Canada & the West Coast since 1877

Welcome to Mortimer's Monumental Works Ltd. your trusted source of quality cemetery headstones, grave markers, monuments and custom granite signs.

All of our monuments are created using granite of the finest quality. We invite you to view a selection of our stone pieces below and let our work speak for itself.

Cemetery Headstones

Custom Granite Signs

Cemetery Headstones, Victoria BC   Granite Signs Victoria BC
We specialize in giving voice to each unique personality through stone.
Have your company name and logo engraved in granite.

Golf Tee Markers


Civic Memorials

Granite Golf Markers
  Civic Memorials
Golf tee signs, golf tee markers & fairway yardage markers
Civic Monuments

Caring for your Cemetery Head Stone or Monument

We offer two supplemental services to assist you in caring for and maintaining your new granite gravestone or cemetery marker.

Gravesite Flower Program - On certain special occasions, we will place a bouquet of flowers at the gravesite for you. Click here for more details on our grave site flower program.

Grave Marker Maintenance Program - We'll keep your headstone clean and trim. Click here for more details: Headstone Maintenance Program.


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